WARBAND Chapter 1 – Warlock (Cover)

This is the front and back cover of chapter 1’s book, it’s basically a wrap-around job that’ll fold in half down the middle. I had a lot of fun making this! 

Chapter 1, WARLOCK, will involve a big ol’ Dungeons and Dragons style dungeon crawl, so I figured– why not roll it up in 5th edition? All of the traps and pitfalls that the Berserker Warband encounters during the events of WARLOCK will be available as bonus material for $10 and up Patrons on Patreon. The D&D content will *only* be available on Patreon, it won’t be posted on any websites. Exclusive content for $10 Patrons! 

The webcomic’s first page will be posting on January 18th, which means that it won’t be available to read for free until Feb. 18th. Only Patrons get to see comics as soon as they’re made. 

Have a looky at my Patreon tier rewards, and think about supporting me! It would mean a whole lot, beyond the dollar contribution it’s fuel for my personal fire. If it’s not in your budget, you can also help by spreading the good word of WARBAND to anybody and everybody. Word of mouth is a powerful thing, and we could use all the help we can get. 


2 thoughts on “WARBAND Chapter 1 – Warlock (Cover)

    • 2019, this year. Pages of chapter 1 Warlock are available right now on the site, up to about page 5 I think. There’s a 30 day release on Patreon pages, basically I post to Patreon first and then they show up here a month later.


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