While my focus is on creating WARBAND comics, I have been known to accept commissions.

All prices below are for single figure works, half-body to full-body. If you would like two figures in your commission, simply double the price.

I rarely draw backgrounds, if you need something with a background contact me and I’ll quote you a price adjusted for difficulty. “Painting” style commissions include a very simple background, like the examples below.

I accept payments through Paypal only, paid in full up front via invoice. Thank you!

Basic Sketch, $10 USD

Sketch with Flat Colors, $15 USD

Inks, $25 USD

Inks with Color, Shaded and Highlighted, $30 USD

Greyscale “Painting” (soft lineart) $120 USD

Color “Painting” $160 USD


I reserve the right to decline any commission inquiry for any reason. If you don’t receive a response at my points of contact, I may not be interested.