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Story/Ink/Color :iconmagusferox:
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Patreon Reward for TheAsorlins

I had actually finished this back in May, it’s TheAsorlins’ character Strigune. He gets a reward once a month for being one of my $10 patrons!

I recently changed my $10 tier to limit the number of patrons to 4. I figure that if I have too many rewards to keep up with I’d have trouble fulfilling them. So there’s only 2 out of 4 slots left for the top tier on Patreon! Get yours before it’s gone. ;D



WARCRY 16 Update

After a very long hiatus from creating comics, I’m happy to announce that page 16 of WARBAND’s first chapter, WARCRY, is available for patrons to view on Patreon.

I would also like to point out that there are new reward tiers available on Patreon, including a reward tier that allows patrons to request artwork once a month from me. So if you’d like to make me your artist slave once a month, do check out the $10 reward tier. 😀

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