Warlock 15 WIP

I usually reserve WIPs of comic pages in progress, but I’m so stoked about this panel that I NEED to show it off to the world at large.


I’m so proud of my bby //wipes tears

It says “Fwoom” there, there’s fire exploding against her shield 😀

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Don’t cry, mercy There’s too much pain to come

I haven’t drawn my weezard OC in a long while, so I found some old sketch of him and scratched the itch. Don’t ask me what he’s casting, but it looks like he’s about to mess somebody up. ;D Roll for fireball damage wheeeeee

Also this is watermarked to doomsday and back, because I suspect it’s just “generic wizard” enough that someone might steal it for nefarious purposes. There’s an unwatermarked version on my Patreon, though.


Gwilyon is my original character, and a main character of my webcomic Warband


Sour Note

Sour Note

Here’s a little illustration I did recently, I’m still alive and still working on WARBAND in some form or another. It’s been a long while since I’ve updated the site or worked on the comic regularly, but I’m hoping to get back to doing that soon. Look forward to it!

WARBAND NaNoWriMo 2019

Hey there! I’m still kickin’ and creatin’ and I’m participating in NaNoWriMo 2019, and of course I’m basing my novel in the WARBAND universe. It’s a prequel featuring Magus Ferox, before she became a Magus. She’s younger and angrier than ever, and I’m having fun writing it. For right now, you can find it on Patreon and DeviantArt, though I want to figure out a good way to also host it here on the site. I wonder if I should just toss them into blog entries? How do? Does WordPress give any shiny options for updating special sites or chapters or something? I have no idea. XD

For now, here’s those chapters! I’ve done 3 so far as of this writing:




They’re also all posted on my Patreon, but it’s a feed-style website so you’ll have to dig, but if that’s more your thing:


Happy reading! ❤