Warband 13 is already on Patreon!

I’m excited to announce that Warband’s Patreon site has 5 subscribers, who have all already seen up to page 13 of Warband!

Here on WordPress, you can only view up to page 8 for free. Page 9 isn’t scheduled to go online until February 22nd. Warband only updates for free once a month, so that means you won’t see page 13 here until June of 2017!

See Warband as soon as it’s created, for just $1 per page. Subscribers on Patreon also get the benefit of having first dibs on freebies drawn during my Picarto streams every Sunday night at 8pm.

Details can be found here: https://www.patreon.com/magusferox

I hope you enjoy Warband, and subscribe to my Patreon!

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