Writing and Re-Writing

Pardon me, but have some random ranting about writing. I’ve love feedback, criticisms and opinions as you see fit to provide them. 🙂

I’ve reached a point in my creative process where I’m stepping back and taking a closer look at the script for Warcry, and Warband’s plotline in general, and second-guessing myself. Have you ever just… re-read something you wrote and went OMG what was I thinking?

I’m looking at things and thinking, this could be illustrated more elegantly, written more briefly, or just flat-out unimportant to the plotline… I need to remember to “show not tell,” meaning that with visual storytelling, it’s best to illustrate rather than elucidate.

In the most recent pages of Warcry, which can be currently found only on Patreon, I found myself illustrating the story of Anathoth’s hair style… which is pointless and ridiculous and I can’t believe I’m wasting my time with it, considering how long it takes me to create a single page of the comic. The only redeeming factor is that I hope readers will find it funny. This is a fantasy comedy, after all.

Warband’s plotline in general… I keep looking at it, and I’ve written about nine chapters. Nine chapters and I’ve only gotten maybe a fifth of the plotline nailed down, there’s much more going on in the story. I feel like it’s way too long… am I going to be working on this webcomic till I’m sixty? I love Warband enough to keep working on it till I’m sixty, but it’s just one of those things, I want Warband finished RIGHT NOW because I’m impatient. I want to read it and see it more than anyone.

I’m also at a loss for what to do about writing romance. I feel like it’s become taboo for a strong female character to have a romance plotline associated with her. It’s a valid observation that 90% of female characters are only characterized by their romantic ties to the male hero of a story. They’re there as a goal, reward or a nod to the male character’s virility,  rather than being a character in their own right. I don’t want this to happen with our story’s lady defender, so I’d have to approach a romance story in such a way that it empowers her, rather than just reducing her to “the love interest.” How to write such a thing?

I also want to write romance for my male characters, but how to implement it in a meaningful way without introducing poorly conceived, “I’m just here as a plot device” love interest characters?

I’m awfully hung up on romance writing, for a comic called WARBAND… there should be more fighting. xD

How do you write? What’s your creative process like? Have you had similar conundrums when facing certain tropes or subject matter? What kind of things do you hate to see when writers touch upon them in their works?


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